AABB seeks feedback to guide updates to 13th edition of standards for immunohematology reference laboratories

Jan. 24, 2023
AABB update.

The Immunohematology Reference Laboratories Standards Committee (IRL SC) is seeking feedback to the draft 13th edition of Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories before the IRL SC meets to draft and finalize the proposed 13th edition for member and public comment this spring.

The IRL SC requests that individuals with comments submit them no later than Monday, February 23, as they will be meeting shortly thereafter. When submitting comments, individuals should identify the standard by its number at the beginning of the comments, especially if they plan to comment on more than one standard. Additionally, the Committee encourages those seeking to improve the clarity of a current standard to provide alternative wording. Those who agree or disagree strongly with a current standard should state their reasons or submit data.

Those without access to the final 12th edition of Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories (the document on which the draft 13th edition is based) should email [email protected] to request a two-week trial access to the 13th edition in the Standards Portal.

Please note, AABB will continue to hold the 60-day open comment period following the release of the proposed 13th edition of Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories, currently scheduled to begin in March 2023.

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