Moffitt Cancer Center partners with new blood banks to fulfill growing needs of patients

May 7, 2020

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. A single unit of blood can benefit several patients, such as those at Moffitt Cancer Center. Cancer patients often have a constant need for blood donations.

Moffitt, understanding the importance of having an adequate supply of blood on demand, has now partnered with LifeSouth Community Blood Centers and SunCoast Blood Centers as their primary and secondary blood suppliers. This new agreement will help Moffitt in serving their patients as the organization continues to grow.

“As we are expanding and growing, it is important that we partner with organizations that can help us in the process. LifeSouth and SunCoast are both great organizations whose years of experience in providing blood to those in need — especially cancer patients — is what we were looking for when seeking a new partnership,” said Jack Kolosky, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Moffitt.

For several years, LifeSouth and SunCoast have been on the forefront of supplying blood to health care facilities. Their mission, both aligning, is to provide safe, reliable, and quality blood supply and services to all hospitals and healthcare centers in need.

“Partnering with Moffitt by providing lifesaving blood to cancer patients is a true honor,” said Nancy Eckert, president and CEO of LifeSouth Community Blood Centers. “We are proud to join Moffitt in the fight against cancer and look forward to serving the community.”

As cancer care increases, so does the demand for blood and platelet donations. The goal of the new partnership is for all blood donations collected in the local areas to go directly to Moffitt. This ensures that the cancer center will always have a full supply of blood on hand, meeting the demands of every patient.

“It is a privilege for SunCoast Blood Centers to be entrusted to join Moffitt Cancer Center in serving those courageously battling this disease,” said Scott Bush, CEO at SunCoast Blood Centers. “As the first blood center in the country to provide pathogen reduced platelets, the products we can provide Moffitt patients are the safest and most reliable blood products currently available.”

LifeSouth and SunCoast will start hosting blood drives at Moffitt during the second week of May.

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