Product Focus - Assays

Dec. 21, 2022

Your source for diabetes antibody kits

The KRONUS 3-Screen Islet Cell Autoantibody ELISA Kit (KR7780) is for the simultaneous and non-differential detection of autoantibodies to GAD and/or IA-2 and/or ZnT8 in a simple, highly-robust, and user-friendly assay format.


Independent serum and urine chemistry controls

Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive range of serum and urine chemistry controls, designed to monitor the precision of general and specialty chemistry testing procedures. Chemistry controls from Bio-Rad come in assayed and unassayed formats and are available in an extensive range of analytes. They work together with Bio-Rad’s Unity QC data management software.


Automated, multiplex molecular diagnostic system  

The BioCodeMDx-3000 is a high throughput, multiplex molecular diagnostics system utilizing patented Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology. With a large target menu, the BioCode MDx-3000 can run up to 188 samples in an 8-hour shift. Hardy Diagnostics is the US distributor of the BioCode MDx-3000 by Applied BioCode.  

Hardy Diagnostics

Early Lyme disease detection

The ZEUS Borrelia Modified Two-Tiered Testing (MTTT) algorithm improves detection of early Lyme disease by up to 30% compared to the Standard Two-Tiered Testing (STTT) algorithm. The STTT algorithm requires a 2nd tier immunoblot, which adds subjectivity in results interpretation and reduces sensitivity in measuring acute Lyme disease. 

ZEUS Scientific

 Clinical reference materials for cholesterol assays

The Matrix Plus Total Cholesterol Reference Kit, along with the optional Level F, comprise a multi-level six (6) concentration set of materials, with total cholesterol values ranging from 40 to 750 mg/dL. The kit is packaged for multi-use containing fifteen milliliters (15.0 mL) of material filled into opaque polyethylene dropper vials. 

Verichem Laboratories

RT-PCR detection of pathogens and AMR

The need for unbiased and fast microbial detection has grown with the emergence of new pathogens and antimicrobial resistance. TaqMan Microbial Identification assays offer over 300 highly specific, preformulated primer-probe sets or the flexibility to create custom designs for microbial and antibacterial resistance detection.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

High-definition PCR panel detecting multi-drug resistance

Incorporating ChromaCode’s technology, the cost-effective HDPCR Multi-Drug Resistance Panel for Research Use Only enables high-throughput, cost-effective detection for multi-drug resistance markers by leveraging real-time PCR instruments. The panel features broad coverage of common multi-drug resistance markers and subtypes and allows flexible target section for customized reporting in less than 3 hours.


Multiplex products

With WSLH Proficiency Testing, your laboratory can receive a variety of multiplex products for 2023 including; Blood Pathogens Multiplex, GI Multiplex, Meningitis Multiplex, Pneumonia Multiplex, Respiratory Multiplex, and UTI Multiplex. To view a complete list of organisms for each module, please visit our online catalog.


Reagent for clinical chemistry analyzers

Carolina Liquid Chemistries’ Direct Bilirubin (DBIL) Reagent, product number DT229, is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of direct (conjugated) bilirubin level in serum or plasma.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries

Lp(a) testing

The Randox Lp(a) assay is calibrated in nmol/l and traceable to the WHO/IFCC reference material. Alongside our range of routine reagents, instrument-specific applications are available ensuring the assay is available on a wide range of clinical chemistry analyzers. Dedicated five-point calibrator available, reflecting the heterogeneity of the apo(a) isoforms.


Objective rapid antigen diagnostics

Sofia 2 is a small benchtop analyzer that uses advanced fluorescence detection for viral or bacterial antigen. Sofia 2 interprets a Sofia FIA Test Cassette using proprietary algorithms to analyze the data, interpret the signals and determine the objective results automatically using two flexible workflow modes.