MicroTip Partnership Assays help detect the use of fentanyl and tricyclic antidepressants

Oct. 10, 2019

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, has expanded the menus on MicroTip-capable VITROS Systems to enable testing for fentanyl, a commonly abused opioid, and tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), which has a narrow safe therapeutic range. The Thermo Scientific DRI Fentanyl Assay has excellent sensitivity of 100 percent and cross-reacts with various analogs of fentanyl.

The Thermo Scientific DRI Tricyclics Serum Tox Assay can help clinicians detect the use of tricyclic antidepressants in potential overdose victims. A TCA overdose can result in loss of consciousness, coma, convulsions, hypotension, pulmonary complications or sudden death. Used properly, TCAs can be prescribed for depression, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and insomnia.

The additional assays are the result of another successful collaboration in Ortho’s MicroTip Partnership Assays (MPA) program with strategic vendors to deliver an expanded testing menu on MicroTip-capable VITROS Systems in key disease states to hospital labs and hospital networks. MPAs enhance a lab’s value by allowing them to offer esoteric testing to clinicians in step with today’s evolving needs for serving diverse patient populations.

The DRI Fentanyl Assay is available in the United States for Criminal Justice and Forensic Use Only. This product is not intended for clinical diagnosis of disease or other conditions, including a determination of the state of health, in order to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or its sequelae or patient management. The DRI Tricyclic Serum Tox Assay is 510(k) cleared in the United States.

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