Lifespin announces the launch of its first commercial product in regulated healthcare: Lifespin Amino Acid Profiler (LAAP)

May 22, 2023
A comprehensive amino acid panel based on Lifespin’s AI-driven metabolic profiling platform.

Lifespin GmbH announced that it has launched Lifespin Amino Acid Profiler (LAAP) - its first commercial product for use in the regulated diagnostics field. Utilizing its proprietary AI-driven technology, Lifespin LAAP analyzes variations in patients’ metabolism to provide clinicians with deep insights into patients’ health and wellbeing.

Amino acids have been shown to play a fundamental role in maintaining and controlling the normal physiological processes of the human body. From a 0.5 mL venous blood sample, Lifespin LAAP quantitatively first captures a digital snapshot of 26 important amino acids and then uses proprietary algorithms to compare an individual patient’s levels against Lifespin’s deep database of more than 200,000 patient samples. In combination with established clinical standards, the resulting LAAP profile provides healthcare professionals with powerful analysis of key amino acids derivatives to deliver precise insights into a patient’s health status on a number of critical fronts. These range from monitoring the nutrition and health status of elderly patients to the chronically ill.

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