Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces a fully automated plasmid purification system to help accelerate discovery and development of therapies

June 26, 2024
Thermo Scientific KingFisher PlasmidPro prepares high purity plasmid DNA in approximately 75 minutes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduced the Thermo Scientific KingFisher PlasmidPro Maxi Processor (PlasmidPro), a fully automated maxi-scale plasmid DNA (pDNA) purification system.

PlasmidPro provides complete automation across mini and maxi scale purification and delivers high-purity plasmid without manual column preparation and intervention. This is the latest addition to the Thermo Scientific KingFisher instrument portfolio which offers a wide range of plasmid DNA extraction products to help drive efficiency and consistency.

The PlasmidPro purification system requires no set-up, centrifugation or pipetting and completely automates the purification process from culture to plasmid. The product uses a self-contained cartridge pre-filled with all necessary reagents to perform the purification. Using 100-150 mL of fresh overnight culture, the system is capable of producing up to 1.5 mg DNA yield.

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