EKF Diagnostics acquires molecular diagnostic testing laboratory

Nov. 12, 2021

EKF Diagnostics, based in Cardiff, UK, has acquired Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory LLC, or ADL Health, a high-complexity PCR-focused testing laboratory.

ADL Health, based in San Antonio, provides COVID-19 testing for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, such as Air Canada and United Airlines, according to EKF Diagnostics, In addition, ADL Health is expanding its range of testing capabilities across a broader suite of healthcare applications. EKF Diagnostics said it plans further investment to support the deployment of additional equipment and personnel to meet customer demand.

In addition to corporate and group high-volume COVID testing, ADL Health provides a range of testing options including HomeCollect, which is a kit-based home testing service delivering results back within 24 hours. ADL also has a rapid response team ready to be deployed to a business or organization for on-site testing within hours to help prevent loss of business due to a COVID shutdown. The laboratory also offers a drive-thru COVID testing service, as well as a COVID pass digital health app for travelers to present standardized, verifiable proof of a negative COVID test. 

EKF Diagnostics designs and manufactures diagnostic devices, as well as distributing rapid test kits for infectious diseases and pregnancy.

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