PerkinElmer and EverlyWell announce collaboration to expand U.S. at-home health test market

July 26, 2019

PerkinElmer and EverlyWell announced a new collaboration designed to accelerate innovation in and accessibility of consumer-initiated health testing, by adding PerkinElmer’s CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab facilities to EverlyWell’s network of laboratory providers.

The first offerings resulting from this collaboration are Lyme disease and food sensitivity tests, for which PerkinElmer provides the expertise behind EverlyWell’s panels. Both tests employ dried blood spot testing—a method that has been used for decades by doctors and hospitals to identify disease biomarkers with only a few drops of blood—and were developed by board-certified medical geneticists at PerkinElmer Genomics, then validated on the EUROIMMUN EUROBlotOne system and EUROIMMUN Analyzer systems.

Together, the two companies will work to expand EverlyWell’s test menu, bringing additional panels to market.

EverlyWell provides consumers with access to a wide selection of physician-ordered and -reviewed laboratory tests that start at $49. Once a test is purchased online, or at select Target or CVS locations nationwide, samples are collected by the customer and sent by mail to an independent, CLIA-certified laboratory. Independent physicians review every test order and the results of each test, which are available to the customer within days.

For diagnostic tests, such as EverlyWell’s Lyme disease test, independent physicians are available to consult with customers whose results indicate infection and may prescribe treatment based on the test results and medical history. Customers who take non-diagnostic tests have the option to discuss their results with one of EverlyWell’s licensed health professionals.

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