December 2017 Product Focus – Chemistry

Nov. 21, 2017
Clinical chemistry analyzers

The DxC 700 AU is the newest addition to the broad portfolio of Beckman Coulter clinical chemistry analyzers. The DxC 700 AU is designed for mid-size laboratories performing up 1,200 tests per hour, and provides the following benefits: a) minimal maintenance through Beckman Coulter’s 3&60 part replacement. Parts are replaced in three steps and under 60 seconds without any tools; b) simplified operation with load on the fly reagent loading, true STAT interrupt testing, and auto repeat testing; and c) broad menu with standardized reagents and results across Beckman Coulter’s AU chemistry portfolio serving low to ultra-high volume laboratories. Beckman Coulter

Chemistry guideline

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)’s guideline C24—Statistical Quality Control for Quantitative Measurement Procedures: Principles and Definitions, 4th ed. discusses the principles of statistical QC, with particular attention to the planning of a QC strategy and the application of statistical QC in a medical laboratory. This guideline is intended for use by medical laboratory personnel in order to provide a QC strategy that uses control materials that are external to a reagent kit, instrument, or measuring system and that are intended to simulate the measurement of a patient specimen. CLSI

Clinical chemistry floor model analyzer

MedTest introduces the BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer in the U.S. Throughput is 800 photometric test results per hour with an overall throughput of 1,200 tests per hour with ISE. The Sample Delivery Module provides a sample capacity of 440 positions, providing large-volume laboratories hours of unmanned operational time. The reagent consumption design minimizes reagent usage, resulting in a low consumption cost per test. Advanced features of the BA-800M Analyzer include: Continuous Reagent Loading, Reagent Bubble Detection, Water Quality Monitor, One-Key STAT Touch Button, Probe Liquid Level Detection, and Sample Probe Clot and Collision Recovery, which provides the laboratory with smooth operational and enhanced workflow efficiencies. MedTest

Vitamin D control

The Quantimetrix Complete D 25-OH Vitamin D Control is a two-level, human serum-based control that is compatible across major immunoassay and chromatography methods without requiring dilution. Includes values for Roche Cobas e411/Elecsys, Ortho Vitros ECi, Siemens Centaur XP, Diasorin Liaison, Abbott Architect, Beckman Access 2, and now featuring Siemens Dimension EXL. Contains values for LC-MS/MS, including the reference methods JCTLM #C8RMP3/4. Traceable to the NIST standard SRM 972a, with 3-year refrigerated shelf-life from date of manufacture, open-vial stability of 1-year at 2ºC–8ºC, and 30 days at room temperature. D2 and D3 values provided for research or international use only. Quantimetrix

GSP assay

Diazyme’s Glycated Serum Protein Assay is specific for glycated serum proteins which virtually eliminates the interferences that can impact the accuracy of conventional fructosamine methods. GSP serves as a 2-3 week indicator of average blood glucose, closing the information gap between daily blood glucose testing and HbA1c assays. Studies have shown that GSP can be reliably used in medical conditions which impact red blood cell life span and decrease the accuracy of HbA1c measurements. The reagent, controls, and calibrators are all liquid stable and offer the added convenience of instrument-specific packaging for many Beckman, Roche, and Siemens analyzers. Diazyme Laboratories, Inc.