Specimen ID and transport

June 19, 2014

Specimen transport bag 

The Whirl-Pak’s Trans-Pak specimen bag (non-sterile) has an outside pouch to separate important paperwork from the inside of the bag and the specimen, eliminating misplaced documents. The specimen transport bag also features biohazard symbol required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration); unbreakable polyethylene; easy-to-handle, positive closure with puncture-proof tabs; and minimum storage and carrying space. The specimen security system has a positive closure that is guaranteed leak-proof when properly closed. Puncture-proof tabs cover the wire ends and protect the bags against piercing. 


Specimen tracking and security

LigoLab has included a specimen tracking and security module to its AP/LIS 4.0, providing labs complete chain of custody and full visibility of operations. The fully integrated solution enables identification and barcode tracking of specimens from point of origination through delivery to the lab. The barcoded specimens are scanned to launch the case and verify the order. The touch-screen user interface displays the imaged requisition and allows the ordering of histological protocol, entry of gross description and QC, and printing of cassettes associated with the given specimen. Labs may also track processing and embedding of the cassettes and scan the cassette for case information and automatic printing of specimen-specific barcode slide labels. A vital feature of this module is the introduction of check points throughout the workflow to increase patient safety.


Cassette printer 

Primera’s Signature cassette printer is designed for use in pathology and histology labs to print high-resolution text, graphics, and bar codes directly onto tissue cassettes. Signature can increase the efficiency of labs while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. Printing directly onto the face of cassettes makes workflow more efficient while increasing patient safety. Signature is available now in a stand-alone manual printer and will soon be available in a fully automated complete system. Print speed is at about 6 seconds per cassette. Signature cassette printer can print in color. Color printing allows labs to inventory only white cassettes, and any color needed is printed on the cassette. 


Specimen handling and transport

Stiplastics Hemobox 5 is the fifth generation of its Hemobox carry case. Hemobox 5 offers effectiveness and practicality throughout the entire pre-analytical process. The evolved case was created to respond to the needs of analysis laboratories and the requirements set out in biological specimen handling and transportation standards. The quality and sturdiness of its triple packaging ensure perfect sealing, rigidity and shock resistance. Its compactness means that it is easy to handle. Its ergonomy makes the case easy to open without force. Its stability in the open position makes it easier to use the built-in preparation tray. Productivity is boosted due to its storage rack, which offers a real space saving in terms of storage and also ensures optimum conditions for transporting biological samples. Hemobox 5 is available in five main colors and can be personalized (even for small series) with the laboratory name and logo. There are three types of customization catering for different requirements and budgets.