Nova Biomedical launches a blood testing system for emergency care

April 17, 2020

Nova Biomedical launched a Stat EMS Basic blood testing system for ambulance and emergency care in CE mark countries, which includes some countries in Europe, the company announced in a press release.

The Stat EMS Basic blood testing system measures fingerstick capillary lactate, glucose, ketone, hemoglobin and hematocrit in 6 to 40 seconds with laboratory-quality results, the company said.

Stat EMS Basic is a smaller, non-connectivity version of Nova’s connectivity-capable Stat EMS system with the same test menu. Stat EMS Basic combines battery-operated StatStrip Xpress2 meters in a lightweight, soft case that easily fits in a medic’s bag while holding all system components: meters, test strips, controls and lancets. Test strips and controls require no refrigeration, making testing convenient and economical.

The system is designed for ambulance, pre-hospital and emergency use.

The Stat EMS Basic meters do not require calibration or coding. Tiny capillary samples eliminate the need for venipuncture, saving time and reducing costs, the company said.

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