Quest Diagnostics adds p-tau217 blood biomarker testing to suite of services designed to assess risk and help aid diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

April 23, 2024
Company’s AD-Detect portfolio offers AB 42/40 and other plasma biomarker testing, alongside traditional cerebrospinal fluid and genetic tests, to provide robust offering in brain health.

Quest Diagnostics announced the launch of a new blood biomarker test for phosphorylated tau 217, or p-tau217. P-tau217 is a biomarker associated with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), supported by research as useful for an early diagnosis of AD. 

The test is the latest addition to the AD-Detect portfolio of blood tests for assessing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, which also includes testing for an array of AD biomarkers, including p-tau181 and amyloid beta (AB) proteins, as well as Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) isoform and plasma testing, for patients with cognitive impairment. With a physician’s test order, patients may provide a blood draw for testing from any of Quest’s 2,000 patient service centers in the United States. The test is expected to be available for ordering on April 26, 2024.