Product Focus - Immunoassay Analyzers & Assays

Aug. 24, 2022

Small bench top analyzer

Sofia 2 is a small bench top analyzer that uses advanced fluorescence detection of antigens. Sofia 2 collects data from test strips inside of a Sofia FIA Test Cassette. Sofia 2 uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the data, interpret and automatically generates an objective result for the target analyte.


Analyzer for diagnostic and blood donor testing and cadaveric tissue screening

ASI Evolution Automated RPR Syphilis Analyzer/#2800-000 FDA cleared for diagnostic and blood donor testing and cadaveric tissue screening. Features: 190 samples/hour, titer up to 1:2048, reduces hands on time up to 92%, available intelligent ASI Smart Rack system, easy batch barcode scanning, digital results for QA, nontreponemal test.

Arlington Scientific

An Evidence series analyzer

The Evidence Investigator is a platform that consolidates both immunoassay and molecular diagnostics. Renowned for its versatility and effective reporting methods, this semi-automated benchtop platform from Randox offers efficient and comprehensive testing. It is the perfect fit for medium throughput laboratories seeking maximum use of benchspace.


Independent quality control for specialty IA testing

Bio-Rad’s Lyphochek Specialty Immunoassay Control is an independent, multi-analyte control that helps support reliable test results in the early detection of chronic diseases. Contains Procalcitonin (PCT), Intact PTH, 25-OH Vitamin D and other complex analytes to monitoring precision of specialty lab testing.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Assay aids in the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes

The KRONUS Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Autoantibody (GADAb) ELISA Assay Kit (KR7710) is for the semi-quantitative determination of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody in human serum and is useful as an aid in the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (autoimmune mediated diabetes).


Workflows designed for laboratories

Accelerate time-to-results in high-volume labs with the UniCel DxI 800 Access Immunoassay System. Run 400 tests/hour and enjoy low maintenance and improved reliability. The DxI 800 is simple enough for technologists of all skill levels, with intuitive user-interfaces and “load-and-go” simplicity that frees up staff for higher value work—no pausing or standby time required.

Beckman Coulter

LIAISON MeMed BV now available on LIAISON XL & XS

LIAISON MeMed BV measures and integrates the serum levels of circulating host-response protein signatures: TRAIL (tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis inducing-ligand), IP-10 (interferon gamma-induced protein 10) and CRP (C-reactive protein). The result is a qualitative score – in less than an hour – discriminating between the bacterial and viral etiology of an infection.


Curian fluorescent immunoassay analyzer

Curian is a fluorescent immunoassay analyzer focused on gastrointestinal testing packaged in a small footprint. The standardized workflow provides sample to result in 3 easy steps with less than 1-minute hands-on time. Curian eliminates subjectivity while providing clean sample handling with Meridian’s all-in-one sample prep. Dual modes allow for flexible testing options to fit any workload.

Meridian Bioscience

Focus on the positives

FDA-cleared dIFine is the next generation in indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) imaging and pattern recognition with an automated digital microscope and intelligent software designed to acquire, analyze, display and store digital images of ZEUS IFA slides. Now, you can increase your lab’s productivity by easily screening out negative IFA samples.

*FDA 510(k) cleared. All suggested results obtained with ZEUS dIFine must be confirmed by a trained operator.

Zeus Scientific

Enzyme immunoassay

The Histoplasma Galactomannan Enzyme Immunoassay (IMMY, Inc. ref # HGM201) is an example of a popular, accurate form of detection for a fungal infection, that can be performed on an immunoassay analyzer. Enzyme immunoassays (EIAs) are touted for their high sensitivity and high throughput capabilities.