June 2016 Product Focus – Immunodiagnostics

By: MLO Staff   

Special protein analysis

MLO201606-ProductFocus-BindingSiteBinding Site’s Optilite enhances efficiency by (1) boosting productivity with consistently reliable performance; (2) minimizing reagent usage through optimized assay protocols; and (3) maximizing test throughput with continuous loading/unloading. It also optimizes workflow by (a) prioritizing effectively with flexible, unrestricted access to samples, reagents, and cuvettes; (b) minimizing sample preparation time by loading any combination of sample tubes and fluid types; and (c) eliminating manual sample dilutions since Optilite re-dilutes to end result. Optilite delivers accurate results with three methods of antigen excess detection, providing outstanding protection. It also simplifes data security through automatic lot number recognition and full traceability.
Binding Site


Liquid maternal serum control

MLO201606-ProductFocus-BIORADBio-Rad’s new Liquichek Maternal Serum II Control is designed to monitor the precision of immunoassay test procedures used during maternal serum screening. The control includes AFP, Free Estriol, hCG and Inhibin A, making it ideal for laboratories performing triple or quadruple marker screening. The liquid form eliminates the need for reconstitution, increasing efficiency and allowing samples to be treated the same as patient specimens. As an independent quality control, Liquichek Maternal Serum II Control is not optimized for a specific test system and provides laboratories greater confidence in patient results. The assayed control is available in three individual levels. Bio-Rad Laboratories


Differential diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

MLO201606-ProductFocus-BIOMERIEUXbioMérieux’s Vidas 3 has a clear-cut serological profile that facilitates classification of Lyme borreliosis (early or late/chronic, active or immune) and helps ensure patients receive rapid, optimized treatment depending on their stage of infection. It also has (1) high specificity and sensitivity, including innovative recombinant chimeric proteins (VlsE, DbpA, OspC), allowing detection of all main pathogenic Borrelia strains (sensu stricto, afzelii, garinii); (2) less rework and unnecessary confirmatory tests; and (3) low levels of cross-reaction (syphilis, other infectious diseases), for better patient management. Results are easy to interpret, including no equivocal zone for VIDAS Lyme IgG II results, and patient anxiety and additional testing are avoided. It is cost-effective, with a streamlined workflow, provides rapid results in 27 minutes, calibrates only once every 28 days, offers ease-of-use, and offers single-dose tests. bioMérieux


Islet cell autoimmunity

MLO201606-ProductFocus-KRONUSKRONUS offers the Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibody (ZnT8Ab) ELISA Assay Kit for the accurate determination of autoantibodies to zinc transporter (ZnT8) in human serum. The KRONUS Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibody (ZnT8Ab) ELISA Assay Kit is for the semi-quantitative determination of autoantibodies to zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8) in human serum, and may be useful as an aid in the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (autoimmune mediated diabetes). To obtain more information, please visit www.kronus.com or visit the KRONUS exhibit at Booth 918 during the American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, LA. KRONUS


Thyroid peroxidase antibody assays

MLO201606-ProductFocus-ThermoFisherThe newly FDA-cleared EliA anti-Thyroglobulin (TG) and EliA anti-Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) autoantibody assays are intended for in vitro quantitative measurement of the respective IgG antibodies in human serum and plasma (Li-heparin, EDTA). Testing for these autoantibodies in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical findings aids in the clinical diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis and Graves’ disease. Results for both assays are given in International Units (IU/ml). For operational efficiency these CLIA-moderate complexity tests use the same calibrators and conjugate as other IgG EliA assays on the fully-automated Phadia 250/2500/5000 instruments. Onboard reagent and EliA Well storage offer both convenience and shelf-life stability. Thermo Scientific


Automated immunoassay analyzer

MLO201606-ProductFocus-TOSOHThe AIA-900 Benchtop model is now available. The system provides the same random access immunoassay diagnostics as floor-standing models in a powerful benchtop analyzer. Running 90 tests per hour, the AIA-900’s user-friendly operations provide extremely efficient multi-tasking. Accurate results are available in approximately 18 minutes. Simple touch screen operation, bar-coded primary tube sampling, and automated pretreatment deliver maximum operator efficiency. Extensive test menu includes thyroid, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones, anemia markers, metabolic markers, diabetes, kidney markers, and more. Most assays have a 90-day calibration stability and one-year shelf life from date of manufacture. Tosoh Bioscience




June 2016 Product Focus – Immunodiagnostics
MLO Staff
By: MLO Staff
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